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Art Supplies

Paper, Paints, Brushes, Resin Kits.

10mm Stencil Sponge Brush


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Round Stencil Dabber Sponge

20mm Stencil Sponge Brush


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A4 Fredrix Inkjet Canvas

CODE: 3520

In stock

Compatible with HP, Epson, Canon and more - please check your printer settings before ordering.

Specially coated for superior quality, high resolution printing. perfect for photography, art and other printable images. Mount or stretch after printing.

Aristocrat Liquid Glass Resin kit (16 fl oz) 473ml

CODE: rk16

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Aristocrat High Gloss Coating gives a superior gloss glass like coating to wood, ceramics or plaster objects equivalent to about 50 coats of varnish. Simply pour over your project, avoiding air bubbles, allow to level and place in a dust free environment overnight to harden. Consists of a 2 part mix of resin and hardener. Ideal for decoupage type projects where a high gloss finish is desirable. Use to coat tables, plaques, certificates mounted on panels to give a glass like appearance.

Brush Bundle with canvas roll

CODE: 1818A

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Set of 18 Hogs Hair Brushes in a canvas roll. Sizes1-8 and 10 Round Brushes, Sizes 1-8 and 10 Flat brushes.

Camel Hair Flat 1/4"

CODE: 9725-1/4

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1/4" approx 7mm Flat wash brush. Use for Acrylics, Tempra, Oils, Alkyds, Watercolours, Enamels, Stains and Paints of any kind. Suitable for Blending Colours, Basecoating, Sharp Edges. Royal Brush Co.

Camel Hair Round Sz 10

CODE: BQR9625-10

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Use for Acrylics, Tempra, Oils, Alkyds, Watercolours, Enamels, Stains and Paints of any kind. Suitable for Round edges, Broad Lines and Stroke Work. Royal Brush Co.

Canson 11 x 14" Visual Diary

CODE: can11

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Acid Free Drawing Paper. 110gsm, 60 sheets.

Canvas Roll Brus Holder

CODE: Canv

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Ready to hold your brushes. 12 seperate sections.

Brushes not included

Chinese Hake brush


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Flat Brush ideal for silk and water colour painting and wash techniques, Approx 1 inch. Other sizes available to order

Chinese Sumi Brush


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Chinese Sumi Brush medium, ideal for  watercolor and ink painting.
Other sizes available to order

Chromacryl Gesso 250ml

CODE: 19079

In stock

For the preparation of most painting surfaces: canvas cardboard illustration board paper etc and preparation of acrylic or oil paintings. Chromacryl Gesso has excellent covering power and provides a smooth even finish with a very fine tooth. Apply 1-2 coats as desired. The first coat may be diluted slightly with water for better penetration into absorbent surfaces. No sanding is required between each coat.