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Specialty Brushes

Available to order, please email your requirements and we will provide prices. Artists Pure Sable Water Colour Brushes, Classic finest sable Kolinsky Artists water colour brushes, Series 55 BR finest quality square end, Series 56 Filbert, 801 script liner pure sable, 803 pure sable shaders, 804 finest camel oval brushes, 810 selected pure squirrel, 820 cats tongue pure red sable, 855 ultra fine detail pure red sable, premier Hake white goat hair, Mop Brush series 45SQ squirrel, Sumi Japenese brushes,

Chinese Hake brush


$4.95   $4.50
In stock

Flat Brush ideal for silk and water colour painting and wash techniques, Approx 1 inch. Other sizes available to order

Chinese Sumi Brush


$3.95   $3.50
In stock

Chinese Sumi Brush medium, ideal for  watercolor and ink painting.
Other sizes available to order