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Pastels and Crayons

Fabric pastel dye sticks, Square Pastels, Oils Pastels, Water Soluable Pastels and many more
Assorted Colours Pastels 12

CODE: 8024420700

$7.95   $6.95
In stock

12 round chalk pastels.

Assorted Greys Pastels 12

CODE: 8024420626

$7.95   $6.95
In stock

12pk round assorted grey chalk pastels

Chalk Pastels Square 12- Studio Basics

CODE: sb85312

$16.95   $14.95
In stock

Square dry chalk pastels, blendable Non toxic,

Earth Tones Pastels

CODE: 80244227

$7.95   $6.95
In stock

Omega Pastels Earth Colours, 12 pk

Expressionist Oil Pastels 12 - CrayPas

CODE: xlp12

$9.96   $8.96
In stock

Sakura Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastels are round, 10x70mm and professional quality. Non-toxic, the extra fine pigments, oil and wax have been specially formulated for very smooth drawing. Suitable for many surfaces like canvas, wood, cardboard, etc. Ideal for techniques such as rubbing, blending, gradations, scratch back, watercolour resists, overlaying etc, and solvents can be applied for wash effects.

Fabric Fun - Pentel Arts

CODE: PTS - 15

$11.95   $10.50
In stock

Pentel Fabric Fun is a non-toxic, fabric dyeing pastel set. These are brightly intense colors in soft stick form. Simply draw a design onto the fabric with pastels and press with a hot iron. These fabric pastels dye permanent and wash fast. A set of 15 assorted colors.

Milini Square Coloured Pastels 12


$6.95   $5.95
In stock

12 coloured 65x10mm soft square pastels

Nouvel Carre Pastel 12pk


$19.95   $19.50
In stock

Semi-hard pastels that handle like a soft texture pastel. Carre Pastels are smooth and clean to the touch. They use ultrafine pigments to insure extreme consistency in application, texture and working qualities. The square shape is convenient for both detailed and sketch work; the corners provide a sharp point; the side of the stick allows broad strokes.
Carre Pastels are lightfast - capable of an infinite range of hues, shades and tints. The ideal medium for outdoor sketching; clean and easy to use!

Ocaldo Sketch Sticks Landscape


$12.95   $12.50
In stock

12 assorted square section sticks ideally suited for sketching work and able to produce broad flat areas of colour as well as detailed line work. Also available to order in Balck and Gradient Greys.